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Partner with BVKGS for security services to build a solid strategy and transform your security program Security Intelligence

From strategic informatory consulting, incident response, style and deploy services to cloud and managed security services, BVKGS has the experience to assist you keep sooner than cyber criminals. Our security services modify you to activate international intelligence, pioneer while not introducing risk, and mature your program over time

security services

Infrastructure and endpoint security

Transform your labor-intensive, costly and sprawling email, web, network, server and end security deployments into a completely managed, machine-driven and integrated security resolution designed for today’s risk setting

Identity and access management

Identity and access management services is at the core of protective your organization from breaches, sanctioning productivity and fight, and achieving and maintaining regulative compliance. Increase the maturity of your program with identity and access management services from IBM Security

Data and application security

Data and application security services from BVKGS facilitate defend vital assets by up information and application security. BVKGS's market-leading portfolio of consulting and managed services offerings facilitate enterprises keep current with information security best practices and characteristic security weaknesses and misconfigurations at intervals applications.

Security intelligence and optimization

Building optimized security operations will assist you sight and range the threats that create the best risk to your business and need immediate attention. Strengthen your security posture with a proactive response

Security strategy, risk and compliance

Address evolving restrictive needs and facilitate defend your business from growing threats. Analysis and proposals for higher management of risks, compliance and governance

Offensive Security Services

Offensive security could be a proactive and adversarial approach to protective laptop systems, networks and people from attacks. Standard security -- generally noted as "defensive security" -- focuses on reactive measures, like mending computer code and finding and fixing system vulnerabilities. In distinction, offensive security measures are centered on seeking out the perpetrators and in some cases making an attempt to disable or a minimum of disrupt their operations.