Digital marketing has become a commonly used marketing strategy by people everywhere and the effort to stand out from others has become very high. From the smallest venture to the highly established business firm, everyone and everything is available on the web. And it becomes difficult for the consumers to identify between what is relevant and what is not. This is where the search engine comes into play. The algorithm of search engines like Google, Yahoo etc is created in such a way that they rank web pages in the web, according to its relevance of content.


When you're at a store to purchase a product, you obviously have too many options of different brands to choose from. It becomes very difficult if you try to understand the content of each product and then choose the best for your use. In a situation like this, you either ask the staff from the store or you consult with someone you know and then choose accordingly. The Web too is like a store, where you come to buy something and the search engines help you by putting out a list of the best what is available based on the preference you have given. But how does the search engine rank the web pages ?? Search engine optimization is a digital marketing technique by which the content of the web page is altered by identifying the key terms that are frequently searched for on that particular content. By doing so, there are more chances for your web page to appear on the top list of the search engine and you get more organic or natural traffic to your webpage.


There are basically two types of SEO White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. White hat SEO makes use of the techniques that follow the guidelines of search engines.This method takes more time in showing results than the other tactics but has lasting growth.Black hat SEO is like taking the easy way to get to the finishing point.The method uses techniques that are completely against the guidelines of the search engine. It finds loopholes in the algorithm of the search engine and modifies the contents of the web page based on this.

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