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Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

Search Engines like Google has introduced proximity based search to provide results based on their user location. If your business is not optimized for geo- targeted search, this is the time you should avail local SEO services.

Local SEO Services will help you locate your business in a specific region, because every region and each location has its own customers and their local requirements that is the reason they need to be marketed on local level. There is a need for companies operating from multiple locations need an effective solution to cater geo-targeted search. The significant and efficient local SEO services company can help enhance your business growth by drawing more customers to your doorstep as well as impacting relevant traffic towards your online presence. Want further help to locate your business on local map.?

We helped many businesses gain high visibility on the SERPs by using powerful local SEO strategies

The Impact of Local SEO for Your Business

What advertising and marketing strategies do you use for business? Search Engine Optimization may come in mind, but only as a part of a general marketing strategy. For many brick and mortar businesses, SEO is just another strategy to boost their digital presence – only their digital presence. Local SEO, after all, yields low search volumes after all. There’s no use in ranking for low volume keywords after all, right? The impact of local SEO to businesses may surprise you – in a good way.

Connect with Nearby Customers

Local SEO will let customers easily find you through organic search. “Near me” searches had increased in the past several years. People search for recommendations on where to eat or stay when traveling and for customer reviews on the new store in town.

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Increase Foot Traffic

An optimized Google My Business profile helps boost your business’ foot traffic. Business profiles appear on not only on Google search result pages (SERP) but also on Google Maps. This is where potential customers can find updated directions to your store, opening hours, contact information, photos of your products/premises, reviews from Google users, and more information about your business.

Boost Credibility & Loyalty:

You can boost your business’ credibility and customer loyalty. Your business’ online presence matters. Your optimized Google My Business profile is one way to prove your business’ legitimacy but it doesn’t stop there. Reviews can both bolster and destroy your reputation but with the help of SEO, you can actually turn negative reviews into a positive boost for your business. Negative reviews are still reviews. The number of business reviews is social proof but most importantly, it is a ranking factor in Google’s localized search results.

Generate Promising Leads:

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You will get the most number of qualified traffic compared to any other marketing campaigns. A majority of those who search for your business using local keywords have buying intent. More often, the low search volumes of local keywords deter businesses. When you fail to optimize your website for local search you are essentially wasting a lot of time and money attracting an audience that will never buy from your business..

Grow Your Business with Us

The most important question is can you do local SEO on your own? You can of course try, but the results would never be the same. Agencies like Lounge Lizard has the tools, infrastructure, and expertise to handle and manage local SEO campaigns. You see, SEO isn’t superficial and it’s certainly not static. You’ll the tools and the bandwidth to handle multi-location data management. Local keyword trends change seasonally so should your optimized website copies. An outsourced local SEO solution is vital, especially for businesses with multiple locations.

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Local SEO Campaigns that Fit Your Needs

Every business has different needs. Usually, it’s either to increase online visibility, increase the business website’s traffic, send more foot traffic to the store, or a combination of all of these. Whatever it is that your business need, we have solutions for you. Each of our Local SEO Plans addresses the needs of businesses of different types and sizes. We will sit with you and discuss the extent of local exposure that you want, the number of locations you want to optimize, and of course, your budget.

Our SEO Approach

How can we make your website achieve your online sales goals? Check it out: First, we define specific goals for your website conversions, conduct a complete review of your unique selling proposition and market opportunities, and perform an SEO audit to assess your current online strengths and weaknesses. We look at your company’s online performance and conduct an extensive analysis of your top competitors to see what they’re doing right (or wrong). Next, we’ll develop an online strategy to generate an ongoing stream of new customers. We optimize on-site content for user experience, providing valuable content while keeping the keyword focus of each page in mind. We also optimize the “back end” (technical) aspects to improve search engine visibility.

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Research & Audit

This is the “getting to know you” phase, where we’ll learn everything we can about your business and your goals. This includes competitive research and keyword research. We evaluate where you are now, we take a look at your competition, we study your buyers, and we evaluate your current tactics. We dig deep into the numbers to see where your current website falls short, addressing UX/UI areas for improvement. This allows us to build a cohesive project plan with a clear outline for implementation, effectiveness, and success.

Optimize Online Properties

Once we’ve learned about your business and your competitive advantage, we help you develop an actionable plan to optimize your site for search engines. This means making the necessary changes to your existing website copy to adhere to best SEO practices, including proper header structure, cross-linking between pages, incorporating the right keyword phrases (identified in step one) and ensuring all technical aspects are in place. Meta descriptions, page titles, canonical tags, and appropriate redirects will be established, and all public-facing content will be submitted to Google for quick indexing.

Build Content that Drives Traffic

We’ll develop and publish useful content (blogs, news articles and other website assets) created to address specific questions from potential buyers at every stage of the buyer’s journey, from “top of the funnel” (general interest) to “bottom of the funnel” (ready to purchase). Your content calendar will lay out a timeline for blog creation, social media promotions, press releases and link-building. We’ll help you leverage your social media properties to engage new audiences and build a community of loyal followers. Finally, we’ll help you with content syndication, reaching out to industry leaders and media outlets to expand audience reach and grow your online footprint. We’ll identify potential partners and influencers to target for link-building campaigns and PR outreach.

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Analyze & Report

Which channels are delivering the ROI you need? Which efforts are falling short? You won’t be left in the dark with clear, actionable reports built on up-to-date user data. Campaign performance will be constantly monitored against short-term and long-term goals. Regular reports will clearly lay out the status of every campaign and the results generated, allowing you to make course corrections where needed and double down on efforts that are clearly working for your business.

Best SEO Practices

We never engage in black hat techniques. While these forbidden tactics may offer short wins, the penalties associated can wreak havoc on your most important rankings in the long-term. We stay on top of trends in the ever-changing SEO space. Continual training and professional development for all members of the team is one of the many ways we ensure our client’s success. We believe in utilizing best practices that maximize short and long term success. We develop content and structure website with the user-experience always top of mind. Our SEO specialist team is defined by persistence and tenacity. We never leave potential opportunities on the table, and always keep your core objectives in focus.

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Search Engine Optimization Focused on the Bottom Line

At Lounge Lizard, our SEO and other digital marketing efforts are driven by data and built on results. At the end of the day, you want more customers and more sales, so we don’t keep the focus solely on “more traffic” or “more Facebook likes” and other data points which, alone, are virtually meaningless. We want to help you get the most value for your marketing budget, and we’ll do this by providing clear strategies to leverage multiple marketing channels to create a unified approach designed to gain market share.