Though digital marketing has transformed and evolved over the years , there are certain tactics that still sustain in the domain of marketing . One of the greatest myths in digital marketing is that email marketing is outdated and that it is no more an effective technique .Email marketing is still rated as one of the most effective and used digital marketing methods used even in 2018 . The main reason behind this is that for every business the need for email still remains to be valid . On an average order value of an email is at least three times higher than that of social media .Digital marketers rank email as their top marketing tactic , with 54% saying its their most effective channel .

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods to stay connected with the consumers . Email marketing builds trust between the seller and consumer . Email marketing can be either with an existing customer or with a mass number of people from a purchased lead list . In either framework , the content shared has to be structured in a way that do not offend the reader .Nowadays email marketing content has not just textual content . It also has images , videos and other mediums that can be shared to the consumers . These days , opt-in-email advertising or permission marketing has given access to the consumers to give permission for further emails from the sender . This has helped the consumers to choose according to their preferences.

Email Service providers help to keep track of the response level of the target audience and thereby helping the seller to concentrate more on the potential audience . One of the main steps in email marketing that has to be done is removing the unresponsive addresses from the list .This might show a great difference in the number of recipients, but this helps you to give more attention to the consumers who are actually interested in knowing about your products and venture .Many companies use bulk emails to conduct surveys to purchased lists and potential consumers which help them to understand their behaviour .

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective methods in digital marketing. Unlike other marketing mediums , the merchandiser has full control in the marketing . There are no algorithms to interfere between the sender and the consumer . Around 75% of adult users spent more time on email than on other social media platforms. Unlike other digital media platforms email marketing has a more personal approach towards the consumers .There is constant follow up with the customers which may not always be about promotions . BVK Global Solutions,the top digital marketing service providers in Hyderabad ,have always tried to maintain a healthy relation with our clients . We make sure that you have a positive and receptive with your consumers . Assured customer loyalty is one of the notable benefits of Email marketing .

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