Android Development

The digital era is being conquered by smartphones at a very high rate. Smartphones have taken over the minds of people. Millions of people around the globe use smartphones on a regular basis. A recent survey states that the number of smartphone users around the world is to go beyond 2.5 billion by 2019. In this scenario, the mobile application is a vital part of online marketing and e-commerce. At BVK Global Solutions our dedicated team of developers will provide you with the best technological services that will take your website and business to a much higher level.

What is the Android Operating System:

Android is a Linux based mobile operating system and is now developed by Google. It is primarily designed for touch screen mobile devices like smartphones, tablet computers etc. Android OS uses touch inputs to manipulate on-screen objects and uses a virtual keyboard. It is the most used operating systems and it is the highest selling mobile operating system nowadays. Over 1 billion users already using these operating system mobiles. Our incomparable technical expertise enables us to build feature-rich Android apps in a cost-effective manner.

We provide you with

  • Customised and cost effective app development.
  • Android app maintenance and upgradation.
  • Mobile Business Android Software
  • Android app testing.
  • Android enterprise app development
  • Healthcare apps
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